The Mediterranean coast
The Beautiful Mediterranean coast of Morocco starts at Saidia and runs wesward to Tangier providing the holiday seeker with its calm,crystal-clear waters and fine white sand. The panoramic beaches are astonishing and the colorful towns and cities along the coast make of the Mediterranean one of the best morocco attractions. Whether you are a couple, a family or just a single vacationer tempted by an outing on a boat, a fishing trip, a romantic walk along the beach or simply looking to spend an enjoyable sun-bathing afternoon, you will be more than satisfied anywhere you might be. 
The choice of available beaches is so great, from the biggest to the most intimate, the most traditional to the most modern. The wide, open spaces and picturesque countryside of natural sites such as the Laou River, El Hoceima and Saidia offer an amazing journey that will stay in memory for years to come. 
Mediterranean coastat places of interest:
Known as the "Blue Pearl", Saidia is located on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean 
Sea in the province of Berkane at the Moroccan-Algerian border. Having a coastline that 
stretches for about 10 miles, Saidia's beaches are considered the longest in Morocco and are 
characterized by their golden sand and extraordinary Mediterranean climate which is good 
virtually all year round. The area is surrounded by a natural bird sanctuary of marsh and 
woodland, and access to the main beach is through a beautiful eucalyptus forest. The city is 
very lively; the locals are friendly and hospitable. Saidia hosts plenty of nice 
restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, private beaches, golf courses and luxury hotel which 
makes it one of the country's most popular national and international tourist destinations. 
For active travelers, the city is very ideal for all types of water sports, with a lovely 
bay providing a safe place for bathing and sailing. The annual traditional folk music 
festival also attracts thousands of tourists during the month of august every year. 
Saidia offers you the best of everything, be it sunshine, charm, turquoise clear waters, 
sport and a whole range of varied activities to ensure that you have a relaxed and un
forgettable holiday. 


Al Hoceima: Al Hoceima is beautifully situated between the majestic Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco and the Mediterranean sea.The name Alhoceima comes from the Spanish word Alhucemas which means lavender. it is the second-largest port of the Rif Region after Nador. The town is very popular among both Moroccans and foreigners for its beautiful beaches and the abundance of delicious seafood . Al Hoceima is very lively during the summer season and also offers many opportunities for amusement and recreation throughout the rest of the year. From the snowy peaks of Ketama to the beautiful mediterranean beaches and the numerous parks and natural reserves which offer an amazing biodiversity of flora and fauna, the visitor to this area will find plenty of very interesting things to do and see.

TetouanThe city of Tetouan is beautifully located on a hillside with a view over the Mediterranean sea, less then 40 miles from Algeciras and about 40 miles east of Tangier, Tetouan served for centuries as a major point of contact between Morocco and the Arab culture of Andalusia on the Iberian Peninsula. Its whitewashed walls have earned the city the title of  "the White Dove" the capital of the north.. 
The Medina of Tetouan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike any other Moroccan Medina, Tetouan is unquestionably the most complete and it has been largely untouched by subsequent outside influences and offers a unique perspective on the multicultural history of northern Morocco. There are three distinct sections of the Medina, the Andalusian, the Jewish, and the Berber sections. The city's stunning mountains and beaches, which are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean area, and its evergreen Rif Mountains that spread eastwards along a distance of more than 350 miles make Tetouan a very interesting travel destination worldwide and reflect the natural beauty for which Tetouan is known for.
Tangier: Tangier is the starting point for most visitors arriving by ferry from Spain. This beautiful city has an enigmatic charm which has historically attracted numerous visitors from artists and musicians to politicians and writers who, at one time or another, have made this city and its surroundings a regular destination for their holidays and activities. With its many historical and cultural attractions The medina of Tangier is very interesting,  the streets are narrow, houses in many different styles, and most of this medina is in good condition. 
There are several Atlantic beaches west of Tangier, which offer a great alternative to the town beach. The setting of these beaches can be most attractive, with mountains on all sides and all necessary amenities. 


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