Camel trekking 

A visit to the Sahara is definitely an exciting experience for everyone. It is a journey well worth the effort, the time and the visitor to this amazing part of Morocco will certainly keep plenty of great memories to last forever. But, the journey to this peaceful and vast desert is never complete without going on a camel trek through this magical land. 
Morocco Incoming Services organizes camel trekking tours all year long and invites you to join on this fascinating adventure trip to some of the best places for camel trekking in the country.
The famous dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga are the most spectacular and have the highest dunes in Morocco; the equally fascinating trek from M’hamid to the Erg Cheggaga is also a magnificent trek.  Both treks offer unique and memorable desert experiences in camel trekking. 
On these active trips the visitor will enjoy amazing sights, gigantic golden dunes, captivating color of the sand and the sky is vast and clear during the day and filled with millions of bright stars at night, you have the feeling you want to reach out and touch them. When you book with us, we will guarantee an enjoyable journey and a very peaceful experience. 
Our camel trekking trips include camping under the stars in a deep desert camp.

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