Fishing in Morocco
Fishing is a popular sport in Morocco and can be scheduled in most lakes and rivers and along the Atlantic Ocean coast as well as along the Mediterranean coastline. 
If the visitor is interested in fresh water fishing, the Middle Atlas provides many opportunities in its lakes and rivers; trout can be fished in the rivers and even more challenging in the gorges. Pike, black bass, perch, roach, carp, eels and barbells are plentiful in the lakes (the season generally being from May - June according to species). 
Bonitos, sea perch, mullet, chad and sea bream are abundant in the Oceans. Several ports are equipped for deep sea fishing, for example Dakhla in the Sahara and Mohammedia near Casablanca where you can go out and fish for tuna, swordfish, marlin, grouper and barracudas.
Plan a fishing trip to Morocco and let us design your itinerary or just tell what kind of fishing you wish to do and we will be happy to work with you on designing the best fishing holiday trip for you.

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