Rif Mountains of Morocco
Located in the northern most section of Morocco and extending from Tangier to the Melouiya River valley near the Moroccan-Algerian frontier. The Rif Mountain range is about 300 km in length hugging the Mediterranean Sea and leaving only a few narrow coastal valleys suitable for agriculture or urban settlements. Although being rugged lands, the Rif area is a scenic, unspoilt and fascinating part of Morocco; combining a number of ranges, peaks, gorges, interlocking deep valleys, cedar and cork oak forests spread throughout and spotted with some of the fabulous streams in this part of the country, providing a wonderful place for the Barbary Apes to live. The Berbers, who form the majority of the population in the Rif are an intensely proud people, distinct both culturally and racially from the city Arabs and still live a very traditional life and are known for their distinct woolen dress marked with wide brimmed multicolored hats.  
The Rif Mountains are a beautiful and splendid place to trek whether you are on a budget, with family, or an experienced explorer.  This area of Morocco is a haven for adventures, hikes and mountain trekking. As you trek these amazing mountains you will encounter a number of different wildlife and discover various species of trees. The city of Chefchaouen is the starting point of most Rif Mountain trekking tours.  It is exceptionally beautiful and offers a lot of promising shops, places to stay, and activities. 
It is possible to explore this region at any time of year.  However, it is better to visit the Rif from April to June or from September to October. The rest of the year can be quite cold, wet or hot.
Major cities and towns in the Rif Mountains of Morocco:
Nador, Al Hoceima, Azghenghan, Selwan, Ajdir, Chfchaouen, Tawrirt, Taza and El Jebha. 

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