The Middle Atlas
The Middle Atlas is a solid mountainous mass of 350 kilometres in length in central Morocco. It is the most fertile of the Atlas ranges and covers 23 000 square km in area. 
Covered by cedar forests, with a unique charm and wealth of biodiversity both in fauna and flora, the area is worth discovering and attracts thousands of local and international tourists. 
The Middle Atlas also hosts one of the worlds largest population of the Barbary macaque monkey, this species is currently limited to forest areas in Morocco and the only primate north of the Sahara desert. 
Because of its elevation; the Middle Atlas experiences snow during the winter months and a cool climate during the summer which makes it a very popular tourist destination for national and international vi sitors throughout the year and offers numerous activities ranging form fishing and hunting to skiing and trekking. 
The region enjoys some of the freshest and most aromatic air in Morocco. Once there, travelers can explore several beautiful cities such as Ifrane, Khenifra and Beni Mellal, the doorway to the Atlas Mountains. 
Major cities in the region:
Imouzzer kandar: A summer resort town known for the freshness of its climate and beauty of its untouched nature. 
Ifrane: This winter resort town is fascinating and is famous locally for its treasures of lakes and rivers and for its unspoiled nature.  
Azrou: Beautifully situated in the heart of the Middle Atlas Mountains, Azrou is a charming destination linking the middle atlas to the High atlas.
Khenifra: An appealing city, rich in natural beauty due to its cider forests and numerous lakes. 
Beni Mellal: Thanks to its privileged geographical location, half way between Fes and Marrakech, Beni Mellal has become a stop-over point for international and local tourists alike. It is also the market centre for a region producing a variety of agricultural products like oranges, olives, figs and other fruits along with livestock. The center of attraction is the 17th century Bel-Kush Kasbah. 

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