The Anti-Atlas
The Anti-Atlas Mountains, the most southern mountains bordering the Sahara are very distinct and the most varied of the Atlas ranges of Morocco, the range runs for about 500 km from near the Atlantic Coast and stretches towards Ouarzazate and Tafilalt. Topping the stunning volcanic range of Jebel Siroua, a two hour drive east of Taroudant, it provides an important barrier against the Sahara which lies to its south. Completely different but equally fantastic landscapes are found in areas south and south-west of Taroudant, near Tiout and Tafraoute respectively.  
Agriculture is focused around scenic rivers and oases. There are many remote Berber villages worth a visit and pretty green cultivated valleys with scattered herds of goats.  
The area offers spectacular landscapes, great walking, irresistible climate and a very interesting introduction to real Berber culture. When you are traveling this part of Morocco you are always welcomed by the locals whose hospitality is remarkably famous.  This is one of the most attractive areas not to be missed.
Area highlights:
- The fantastic rock formations such as the Lion's Head and Napoleon's Hat, prehistoric rock carvings and some of the pretty villages in the valley near Tafraoute.
- The incredible Blue Rocks (boulders), just 4 km from Tafraoute created by Belgian painter Jean Veran with the help of local firemen and 18 tons of paint.
- The phenomenal Agadirs (Berber "castles") perched on rocky outcrops in places such as the road north of Tafraoute and the Assif-n-Mouguene canyon (the "Grand Canyon of Morocco") in the southwest of the range.
- Trek in the Jbel Sirwa or Assif-n-Mouguene canyon regions.
- Learn about organic saffron production at Taliouine.  
Visiting this area in Autumn around early November should guarantee sight of the beautiful blue-violet flowers and the festival celebrating the harvest.
 - Carpet production at Tazenakt, between Taliouine and Ouarzazate or Zagora.
- The beautiful almond blossom in January and February when hillsides are clothed with the subtle pink flowers.
Must see Towns:
Taroudant:  The red-walled Berber market town serving the fertile Souss valley on the northern fringe of the Anti Atlas, is the most accessible and friendly centre from which to explore the range.
Taliouine: A village on the edge of the spectacular Jbel Sirwa lies midway between Taroudant and Ouarzazate before the road branches off to Zagora. Famous for the production of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, Taliouine has a cooperative where you can buy this magical spice at bargain rates and learn about its cultivation.

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