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Morocco sits on the north western tip of Africa with diverse landscapes, four mountain ranges, lush valleys, medieval cities, an enormous stretch of desert and most of all, a magnificent sandy coastline have made this stunning destination an exotic location with a wide variety of experiences to enjoy. Morocco is blessed by two coastlines, the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Mediterranean Sea on the north. 


The extensive stretches of golden sand, crystal clear waters and abundance of water sports on the west coast make the beaches of Morocco some of the best in the world. Some Moroccan cities and towns stand out when you talk about beach holidays; check out these fine beaches:


Favorite locations:

Grottes d’Hercules (the caves of Hercules) Beach: Situated on the Atlantic coast of Tangier. This beautiful site is clean and very inviting for tourists. During the summer months of July and August it is pretty lively and busy.


Asilah: This beautiful town is an attractive and favorite beach destination for Moroccan families and foreign tourists. There are six beaches to choose from, each one distinctive. Almost all of the beaches along the coastline of Asilah are practically untouched by human hand. The surrounding areas are mostly free from construction, an indication that one can enjoy fine golden sands and clean peaceful waters in an unspoiled natural landscape.        


Al Hoceima beach: Known for scenic strolls and clean and clear waters. The city is surrounded by hills in the shadow of the beautiful Rif Mountains. Al Hoceima is a charming Mediterranean resort with many beaches in town and out surrounded by hills with olive groves.


Saidia: Known as the “Blue Pearl”, Saidia is located on the northeastern coast of the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea. Its beaches are considered the longest in the country and are characterized by their golden sand and extraordinary Mediterranean climate which is great virtually all year round. The area is surrounded by a natural bird sanctuary of marsh and woodland, and access to the main beach is through a beautiful eucalyptus forest.


Oualidia: The beach of Oualidia is considered among the most visited beaches in Morocco. Located on the Atlantic coast, is a beautiful, protected and quieter beach that promises relaxation and serenity for those who want to relax and enjoy nature.


Agadir: Has become recognized as one of the most popular resorts for families and beach lovers on the Atlantic coast.


Taghazout: A traditional fishing village with some nice sandy pristine beaches. The beaches are all clean, with fine golden sands and clear turquoise waters. Once a haven for hippies in the 1960s this village still retains its laid-back air and relaxed atmosphere. Local fishermen still carry their boats to the water early every morning.


Dakhla: This is a town of antiquity and color, of vibrant diversity and natural wonders. There is a great deal to do and enjoy here, with excellent scenery and the unsurpassed beauty of both grand sand dunes and startling beachside cliff drops. Founded at the mouth of the Rio de Oro, or River of Gold, by the Spanish, Dakhla Bay is located to the south in Morocco, near the edge of the Moroccan Sahara. Rather isolated, it offers some great beach locations for fishing, swimming and surfing.


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