Moulay Idriss
The town is named after the man who brought Islam to Morocco and who is buried in the holiest precinct of the city. Moulay Idriss was the great-grandson of the prophet Mohamed, who fled to Morocco in 787. He made this town his capital and founded nearby Fes, which would later become the capital of his son Moulay Idriss II. It was he who established the first imperial dynasty in Morocco.
Moulay Idriss is considered the holiest town in Morocco with the shrine of the saint making it the location of the largest pilgrimage in the country as the town becomes a spiritual destination for Moroccans of all walks of life for the annual Moussem (religious gathering) in late August. 
Moulay Idriss is a very nice little town, whitewashed and scenically nestled in a fold of the Rif Mountains and visible from the ancient ruins of nearby Roman city of Volubulis 4.5 km away.
The town is famous for its nougat candy and also known for the only cylindrical minaret in the whole country.

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