Known as the “Blue Pearl”, Saidia is located on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Berkane at the Moroccan-Algerian border. Having a coastline that stretches for about 10 miles, Saidia’s beaches are considered the longest in Morocco and are characterized by their golden sand and extraordinary Mediterranean climate which is good virtually all year round. The area is surrounded by a natural bird sanctuary of marsh and woodland, and access to the main beach is through a beautiful eucalyptus forest. 
The city is very lively, the locals are friendly and hospitable. Saidia hosts plenty of nice restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, private beaches, golf courses and luxury hotel which makes it one of the country’s most popular national and international tourist destinations. For active travelers, the city is very ideal for all types of water sports, with a lovely bay providing a safe place for bathing and sailing. The annual traditional folk music festival also attracts thousands of tourists during the month of august every year.
Saidia offers you the best of everything, be it sunshine, charm, turquoise clear waters, sport and a whole range of varied activities to ensure that you have a relaxed and unforgettable holiday. 

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