Where to go in Morocco...

Where to go in Morocco...

Where to go in Morocco...
In a country with a very rich history and a great diversity of landscapes ranging from desert to snow-capped peaks to white sandy beaches, there is certainly no shrtage of ideas and places to go and things to do in Morocco. 
Imperial Cities:
Fes: The most ancient and impressive of the imperial cities, built in the eighth century and has more history and mystery than anywhere else in Morocco. 
Marrakech: Founded in 1062, Marrakech was once the capital of an empire that stretched from Toledo to Senegal. Called the ‘Red City’ because of the color of the local earth used in its construction, it is a city of labyrinthine alleyways, secluded palaces, museums, mosques and markets.
Meknes: The city reflects the power and the constructive genius of King Moulay Ismail who ruled the country for 55 years. Were it not for its proximity to Fès, Meknes would have been a highlight of Morocco.
Rabat: The present capital of Morocco is a town of trees and flowers, and many monumental gateways.  
Other places worth a visit:
Asilah: A few dozen kilometers south of Tangier, is the home to a thriving artists' colony and magnificent stretches of sandy beaches.
Agadir: Agadir is a modern holiday city with superb beaches, excellent resort hotels, offering all types of sports activities.  
Casablanca: Founded at the beginning of last century; it is the country’s principal commercial town, the second-largest town in Africa and one of the continent’s biggest ports.
Chefchaouen: A charming town in the Rif Mountains about half way between Tangier and Fes, the city is characterized by its pastel colors and extremely romantic and picturesque town.
Essaouira: Essaouira is a charming, laid-back artists’ colony with cobblestoned streets, whitewashed walls and massive stone ramparts along the Atlantic Coast.
Moulay Idriss: Moulay Idriss is a small town, whitewashed, scenically nestled in a fold of the Rif Mountains and visible from the ancient ruins of nearby Volubulis.
Safi: South of Casablanca, Safi is a fishing port with a Portuguese palace, pottery shops and a medina. 
Tangier: Tangier, gateway to Africa, is the country’s most cosmopolitan city.
Tetouan: The Medina of Tetouan is an exceptionally well-preserved and complete example of this type of historic town, displaying all the features of high Andalusian culture.
Taroudant: Vast ramparts surround this Berber market town that was once the most important trading center south of Marrakech and is still the largest town in the fertile Sousse Valley
The Regions:
The South: The South is a region rich in folklore and spectacular scenery, dotted with small oasis villages and quiet towns surrounded by orchards and olive groves.
Tafilalt: Er Rachidia is the provincial capital of the Tafilalt region, and has a bustling market on the main square. Erfoud is the center for excursions to the oasis of Tafilalt. 
The Deep South: Can be reached via a beautifully scenic route from Marrakech over the Tizi-n-Tichka pass. Ouarzazate is an amazing starting point for magnificent tours to the Deep South. Of particular interest in the region are the Kasbah of Taourirt, the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Carpet Weavers. The exotic and UNESCO World Heritage Kasbah of Aït-Ben-Haddou lies about 30 km from Ouarzazate. The magnificent ochre-colored cliffs and rock formations of the Dades Gorge, one of Morocco’s highlights, is approximately 100km east of Ouarzazate.
Zagora Region: From the top of the Jbel Zagora, there is a spectacular view of the Draa Valley and desert. The oasis of Tamergroute, 18km from Zagora, has a library containing some of the earliest Arabic manuscripts, written nine centuries ago on gazelle skins. They are on display at the Zaouia Nasseria. Nearby, Mhamid and its palm groves are at the gates of the great sand desert.
Tafraoute & Goulimine: South of Agadir, the pink Kasbahs of Tafraoute perch on spurs of rock, their façades often painted with strange designs in white or ochre. Goulimine is the site of the Blue Men’s souk, held each weekend. A camel market also takes place here once a week, on Saturdays.
The Anti-Atlas Mountains: The most southern mountains bordering the Sahara are very distinct, Completely different but equally fantastic areas not to be missed.
The High Atlas: The Mountains begin only a short drive south of Marrakech, one of the most spectacular drives in the world. The region is known for its gorgeous landscape and a way of life until only recently disturbed by the intrusion of modernity. Tizi-n-Tichka and Tizi-n-Test are the only two passes through the High Atlas, both magnificent, dramatic and originate in Marrakech. 
The Middle Atlas: This region enjoys some of the freshest air in the country. Visitors to this area can explore several beautiful cities such as Ifrane, Azrou Khenifra and Beni Mellal.
The Mediterranean Coast: The Mediterranean coast between Tangier and Nador has a string of creeks, bays, sheltered beaches and cliffs along the shore, ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. Al Hoceima, Mdiq, Taifor and Restinga are all summer resorts and offer a wide variety of accommodation, from luxury hotels to well-situated bungalows. 
The Atlantic coast: Beautiful and has some long stretches of fine sand and calm beaches.  The Atlantic coast is also ideal for swimming and all sorts of water sport activities. Along the Atlantic are several interesting cities worth a visit. 
The Sahara Desert: It is the largest desert in the world, draped across the width of a continent and dividing it into two. It is a land of dramatic landscapes, shifting dunes, and intense sun and nighttime skies so clear that one tries to reach and touch the stars.
Morocco’s varied landscapes, which range from a 3500km coastline, the magnificent forests and  gorges to the various mountain ranges and the Sahara Desert, offer a wide choice of active travel, sports, cultural, educational and leisure activities.

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