About us

About us

Welcome to Morocco Incoming Services,
                                        The travel agency to explore!
Morocco Incoming Services is a Moroccan owned travel agency with offices located in Agadir and soon in Marrakech. Unlike other agencies, M.I.S does not simply sell hotel rooms and excursion packages; we are active in a wide variety of tourist services such as luxury holidays, customized trips, adventure tours, Sahara and High Atlas trekking. We also handle resorts accommodating and corporate events as well as domestic tour packages for local tourists.
We are travel planners, our agency is unique and Our entire staff and management are thoroughly professional and deliver high quality services. We believe we are highly qualified in what we do, and one of our goals is dedicated to primarily focus on customers and agencies we collaborate with, and serve them in the best professional way.
Whether the traveler is planning a visit to Morocco for business or pleasure, travel shouldn't have to be complicated or expensive; and part of booking a trip anywhere and for whatever reason means booking it at the best possible price.  The prices we offer are extremely competitive and the after-sales care is unparalleled. Morocco Incoming Services is commited to stay within close reach of you around the clock no matter where you might be should you need any assistance.
Our agency aims to provide you with the absolute best experience every time you get in touch with us. With Morocco Incoming Services you are in good hands. So, get in touch with us today and let us work for you.

Travel with us and you'll certainly feel the difference...


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