Fes or Fez

Fes or Fez

The spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco, Fes is vibrant, fascinating and overwhelming and is Morocco’s oldest Imperial city.

Medieval Fes was one of the world’s great centers for education and culture. Its religious institutions and its libraries are legendary. Inside the high walls of Fes El Bali (old Fes) is the Medina; a magical ancient city constantly brimming with life in every one of its countless narrow streets and bustling with artisans and merchants. Its captivating sounds, fragrances and colors mesmerize the visitor. The Medina still retains the magical, lively atmosphere of ancient time and is located between the two famous mosques of Al Karaouiyine and Al-Andalous. It is a huge maze of winding streets and covered bazaars where there are magnificent examples of Arabic architecture as well as numerous shops where you can see traditional craftspeople at work. The Medina of Fes is one of the largest in the world and is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Remarkable for its traditional architecture and late afternoon auctions is the Kissaria (the shopping area), here you can acquire almost anything from carpets, rugs, ornate metal work to leather goods and the beautiful blue pottery Fes is noted for.  

Fes is, perhaps, one of the most captivating cities in the Middle East and North Africa. A tour of Fes will certainly stay imprinted in your memory for ever.

City highlights:

The medina: The biggest attraction in Fes is the entire medina.
The tanneries: Have been active since medieval times which make them absolutely fascinating to visit.
The Karaouiyine Mosque: Huge, marvelous and has beautiful tile work. 20,000 people can pray here.
The Najjarine Museum & Square: Wooden arts and crafts are displayed here, it is a must see.
Medrassa El Attarine: Displays excellent Merinides craftsmanship and offers fantastic views of the old city From its rooftop.
The Dar Batha Museum: Displays interesting artwork, especially if you enjoy the traditional blue-colored pottery Fes is famous for.
Medrassa Al Bouanania: Was built in the 1300's and has some of the most beautiful examples of Merinides plasterwork and woodwork.
The Mellah: The Jewish quarter and the Jewish cemetery are quite eye-popping.
The Merinides Tombs: Situated outside the walls of old-Fes and can be seen from most rooftops in Fes. Tourists traditionally head up the hill to the tombs to get a good view of the city as the sun sets.
The Royal Palace

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