Taroudant is a fascinating and authentic Berber market town in the heart of the Souss Valley with the best preserved town walls in Morocco and a backdrop of the High and Anti Atlas Mountains.  It has a predominantly large population of Berbers who are well known for their friendliness and hospitabilty. With two souks (markets) that are reputed to be the best in the south: An Arab souk, which is especially known for its jewelry and African limestone sculptures, and a Berber market with fresh vegetables and exotic spices.
Taroudant offers visitors an authentic experience of everyday life and a relaxed atmosphere for first time visitors to Morocco. It is well placed in relation to a great variety of contrasting environments (sea, mountains, oases and mountain passes) and for this reason, it is an excellent base for various trips in the region.
Taroudant has a moderate climate and is an ideal destination for visits from September to June; July and August are the hottest of the year but one can still feel the cool Canaries current during the Summer months.
A wide choice of activities is possible From Taroudant:
The oases of Tiout and Freija: Not far from Taroudant, this area is impressive, has a nice Kasbahs and Tiout has a rest area overlooking the oasis.
Berber villages: The villages in the foothills are a great way to explore this area of the High Atlas Mountains
The Souss Massa National Park: This is the highlight of this area for nature enthusiasts and is a haven for bird watchers, a must see site.
The Tizi-n-Test mountain pass: A breath-taking pass with options to trek nearby, don’t miss it.
Taroudant is a great starting point for numerous activities including trekking, mountain biking or mule riding in the High and Anti Atlas Mountains.

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