Tiznit is a small Berber town south of the Souss Valley and beyond the western end of the Anti Atlas, situated 80km south of Agadir, Tiznit is an old walled medina town surrounded by modern development. It was originally the site of a cluster of Kasbahs, which were encircled in the 19th century by some 5km of adobe wall.  Jewish silversmiths were moved into the town by sultan Al Hassan and it quickly gained the reputation as a centre for silver and became a trade town and the provincial capital; today, it stands as a central point between the coastal towns and the Anti Atlas.
Tiznit is great for a visit, but it is most often seen on your way through or on a day-trip from Mirleft, Legzira or one of the other coastal towns.
 Wandering through the medina’s alleyways, the visitor should first visit the jewelry souk; Tiznit is famous for its expert silversmiths and one should also visit the ancient souk as its architecture is truly exceptional. Zigzag through columns passing picturesque patios and visit all the silver workshops that catch your eye. Finally, cap off your visit with a lovely sunset from the top of the ramparts
 Around Tiznit:
 Seventeen kilometers north of Tiznit, well off the beaten path, are the Aglou beaches. Only frequented by a few fishermen, these untouched beaches are a great place to go for invigorating walks. Close by, you can check out the little fishing village at the feet of  the cliffs. At the end of its little port, visit the caves and meet the very friendly inhabitants.
 Oued Massa reserve: 40 km north of Tiznit,  is a beautiful sanctuary full of different bird species. It also boasts an enormous beach and an impressive troglodyte village! The landscapes here are stunning, especially when the wind picks up and the sea becomes a bit wild!
 If you keep going north from Tiznit on the coastal road to Massa, there are some exciting 4WD excursions to be enjoyed. Try the trails by the Bousoum cliff or the one around Tifnit. If, on the other hand, you should choose to head south towards Mirleft, you’ll come across huge deserted beaches and the fishing villages that nested into the coves that divide them along the coast. Certainly a sight to remember.

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